Oh Canada

Yesterday we watched the official video of Oh Canada by Missy Higgins. She wrote the song about a boy washed up on one of the Turkish beaches. He was escaping the Syrian war with his father, mother and brother. The waiting list was so long that they handed over their life savings to a man with a little dingy boat that could take them to Canada. So they hopped on the boat with a lot of other people, the days were long but the nights would have been longer. One day there was a massive storm and tipped the family and others overboard. The mother, brother and boy drowned but the father and a few others made it to Canada. After a little while the boys body washed up on the beach of Turkey.

Watching this video makes me feel worried and scared for the children in Syria. These pictures that the children drew are real life theory’s. They aren’t imaginary or seen on T.V, they have experienced people killing each other and things blowing up. To hand over millions and millions of dollars to be safe is just horrible and then these millions of dollars go to a person that will take them on an unsafe journey just be and feel safe, I can’t bare to believe it. To be put on a waiting list to go somewhere safe, people just have to patient. Everyone wants to escape as much as much as they do but to put their life and their families lives in danger is unacceptable. Everyone has a right to live, everyone should have a right to feel safe and for that matter everyone should be safe. War doesn’t have a proper meaning to fight, to starve has no proper meaning either. Please watch the video and leave a comment, 


Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

A few days ago we went to Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. Many people were shocked by it being a beach (Including myself) Jawbone Marine sanctuary is in Williams-town so we got to catch a train, in fact 2 trains which were both quite crowded with all of the seniors and other people.

When we arrived, we walked along the track to the beach where we split into groups. I was with some of friends 🙂 We ventured down the track right next to the water where the water was splashing against the rocks. I learnt that the rocks stop the water from flooding. If the rocks weren’t there, the houses across the road would be underwater. I thought they were there just for decoration.

After we passed the rocky area we came across some rock pools  where we also saw some other groups in. We saw tiny fish, little sea snails, lots of seaweed, shells and a few little crabs. My friend and I were standing on one of the rocks from the rock pools ,which had hardly anything but sand, waiting to see something but then we lost balance and got our feet really wet and when we walked, we squelched. Luckily we didn’t damage anything.

By one o’clock or maybe one thirty, all the groups came together to eat lunch. I sat with my friends on the grass near the tanbark when a little lizard came out of no where. I think it was a blue tongue lizard. We watched it scurry behind bushes to try an camouflage but we could still see it. Most people around us took photos but we couldn’t find our cameras fast enough, well, i didn’t bother. Just watching it was a better photo for me.

I enjoyed the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary excursion. The sight change was good instead of just the city and suburbs.


Bare Nosed Wombats

For my Australian Animal I did the Bare nosed wombats. I have learnt a lot through out the past few weeks studying the Bare nosed wombats. I presented to my table group and learnt about the ghost bat, Eastern Bearded Dragon and the Fat Tailed Dunnart.

I learnt that the wing span of the ghost bat is 1 meter.

This is my presentation!

The school production


On Thursday the 29th of October was the school production called Beyond the Autumn Mist. It was about Puff the magic dragon exploring the lands of fairy tales. His friend Jackie Paper has left him and he wanted a place to belong. I got the part as Cinderella and many things went wrong with my costume.

I arrived at the theater and went around the back to the dressing room. I got into my Cinderella dress and did my hair. I went to sit up on the balcony with the rest of my class and school. The choir started singing Puff the Magic Dragon. I stood up to fix my dress but my foot was standing on it so when I stood it ripped with a shredding sound. I dashed over to the teacher and she sent me back down to the dressing room where another teacher fixed it. By the time it was my scene I was so nervous. I felt like I had a million butterflies in my tummy. My step sisters looked great, my step mother was ready to scream and I was more than ready.

I had an awesome time playing Cinderella

These are the scenes and songs

  1. opening scene-Choir-Song-Puff the Magic Dragon
  2. The three bears-The bear song-twist and shout-Prep K
  3. Snow white-Jitter Bug-Que Sera-Middle C
  4. The Little Mermaid-Under the sea-Mermaid-Junior B
  5. Rapunzel-Ring Ring-Shut up (Get up) and dance-Senior S
  6. Three little pigs-Who’s Afraid of the big bad wolf-Happy-Prep S
  7. Sleeping Beauty-This is what dreams are made of-Classic-Senior MY
  8. Aladdin-A whole new world-Magic Carpet-Junior KF
  9. Cinderella-Uptown Funk-Whose that girl-Senior G-(My scene)
  10. Little Red Riding hood-Hey there little Red-Bad-Middle V
  11. The Battle-Single Ladies-All Seniors
  12. The Finale (Surprise) Teachers-I’m a Believer.

I had an amazing night and is very tired today. I can’t wait for the DVD to come!




Today I will be talking about Biome’s. Please enjoy!

Whats a Biome?

A Biome is an environment such as a forest or desert. You would mainly find flora and fauna (Plants and animals). A biome is not man mad or maintained by humans although they may take tours or so.

Whats my favorite Biome?

My favorite Biome would probably be the Warrnambool cliffs. My mum and I went to Warrnambool for a dance competition and at one stage she took me up to the cliffs. We climbed up to the highest peak and watched the rough waves of the sea crash up against the rocks. It was absolutely beautiful.

Our world is beautiful especially the natural Biome’s, but do you want to destroy it? They guess by 2030 our world will be a disaster and we haven’t found another livable planet yet, so if we destroy this one, where are we going to live? The natural Biomes are getting destroyed as well with the amount of rubbish we are throwing away. To find out more visit the global goals website:


What’s your favorite Biome?

Please leave a comment. 🙂


My Backyard

my backyard

For our homework we had to take a photo and describe nature. I chose my backyard.

I don’t spend much time in my backyard but when I do, I enjoy every minute of it. If you look closely in the picture you may see my dog Pixie chewing a stick. She is a little Yorkie and only 8 months old. She loves the backyard too. She hides in between the fence and the bushes and when you call her she jumps out, it is the cutest thing ever and puts a smile to my face every time. If it’s a nice night we eat dinner out there on the table but that is only occasionally. I  have another front yard with a swing-set, shed and enormous trees (Great for climbing). I chose my front yard because it is probably the neatest green land at my house. I practice my netball shooting in a netball ring (Sorry couldn’t get that in the photo). My mum coaches a netball team so she makes me shoot 100 goals each week but i enjoy it because netball is an outdoor sport and I like being outdoors when I can. Sometimes secretly i climb the fence and sit on the roof of the carport, it is one of the places I can be alone and enjoy my backyard. People walking by just look at me like I’m a weirdo but I just wave like sitting on the roof is a normal thing to do.

I love my backyard and so does my family,

Bye 🙂

Conservation of Animals

It’s either a cute mammal to the right, or a weird reptile to the left, which one would you save? Yes, many of you would choose the cute mammal but this has happened before. Let’s say you have a lot of money and you could use it to save any animal that you like, how would prioritise which one?

On the 26th of April, 2009 Christmas Island, the little Pipistrelle bat became extinct just because we put them aside. They were critically endangered which is three steps away from extinction. No, they weren’t one of the human favourites but they’re sadly long gone.

We all know tassie devils have their moments but they sadly have a sickness called DFTD (Devil Facial Tumour Disease) which is extremely contagious (to other devils). They are like little pimply spots that grow all around their face. It soon becomes so bad that it grows over their nose and mouth forcing starvation and suffocation. Currently DFTD has wiped out 70% of Tasmanian Devils in Tasmania. There is now 15-50 thousand left.

The polar bears are suffering a major heatwave this year with global warming increasing each year. Global warming is melting the ice caps which shrinks the polar bear’s home. They are also suffering the heat, 2014 was the hottest year so far and that has made a huge difference. The fuzzy bears are endangered on the scale which is four steps away from extinction.

So, if you were to choose which animal to save first out of all of them, which one would you choose? It’s just like in the doctor’s room, the one with the flu or the one with a pimple.

My Holiday


this is my post about my most awesome holiday.

On on the first week of the holidays my dad took me to the Melbourne show. I went on lots of high, fast and fun rides. We watched the motorbike show which was absolutely amazing. It was quite windy but they still pulled off some really cool flips and tricks. At 2.45pm we walked past the entertainment centre and saw a sign that said “come to the free show at 3.00 performed by Jessica Mauboy with a free meet and greet afterwards.” I was so excited and I asked dad if we could go. Thankfully he said yes. Outside there was a little line that lead into the centre. They wee lining up already for the Jessica Mauboy show. So dad and I jumped in line and got the best seats in the house. When Jessica arrived on stage there was loud screams and applauses and of course I was one of those people. She sung ‘can I get a moment’, ‘beautiful’, ‘ inescapable’ and her new song ‘this ain’t love’ with a bit a bit of a chat that she had with the crowd in between each song. Afterwards dad and I ran outside to get in line. I finally got a photo with her and a hug. Then we went home.

This was my greatest highlight of the holidays. Of course I did more than  just this like caught up with friends and things like that but this was what I enjoyed most.

bye bye

The lost coin!

Today we did the story of the lost coin. It’s about a lady who wore 10 coins but one day she accidentally lost one. She swept the floor, lit a lamp and looked until she found it and then rejoiced with her friends. Here is my toondoo-

The lost coin

I hope you enjoyed. This story shows that if you repent, God will help you. God may not help you all the way but most of it. It’s when you get lost in the teachings of Jesus and God, that’s when they will help you get back on track.  See you later.