Natural Disasters

Recently there has been a sinkhole on an Algerian highway swallowing cars. This car eater has injured eleven people and measures 4 meters long, 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep.

A sinkhole is when ground collapses and there is suddenly a hole in the ground. This is usually caused by water erosion providing a path for water on the surface to disappear underground. There are two different types of sinkholes. first there is the cover-collapsed sinkhole which can collapse in a couple of hours. Then there is a cover-subsidence sinkhole which cracks slowly over a long period of time and eventually collapses, deflates or sinks.

In west Egypt, there was the largest sinkhole in the world. It measured 80 kilometers long, by 120 kilometers wide. Comparing this recent Algerian sinkhole to this previous Egyptian sinkhole, this natural disaster was quite little. I know recently there was a sinkhole in someones backyard near where I live. It wasn’t very big though.


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