My Buddy

Today we had buddy time. When grade sixes (Like me) come and have an activity with their prep buddies. My buddy’s name is Ruby and she is so sweet. Ruby’s favorite animal is an elephant because they’re cute and enormous. She loves the color pink because it’s pretty like roses. She loves school because she can see all of her many new friends and play on the monkey bars. Ruby loves to eat pop corn while watching Power Rangers on Netflix. Her birthday’s on the 5th of October and last year she got a green bike for her birthday. Her favorite story book is “Brown bear, what do you see?” that she reads when she is bored. Ruby’s favorite number is 21 because she said she can only count to that number (So far) and her favorite letter is S because she likes the way it curves. Ruby’s favorite shape is a diamond that she creates with play-doh. At home, she likes playing with her rainbow play-doh and her pink kinetic sand.  Ruby likes playing the board game “The game of Life” with her mum, dad and two brothers. She loves Sherbet lollies and Magnums that she gets when she is good. I asked her what she wants to be wen she grows up and she took forever to answer, she eventually said that she wants be Barbie because she is in all of her favorite movies except Frozen. Speaking about the movie Frozen, her favorite character in the whole wide world is Olaf and loves singing and playing the song In Summer that he sings in the movie. Ruby loves eating raspberries and blueberries except when they’re sour. Ruby’s favorite thing in the whole world is rainbows. She loves watching rainbows, drawing rainbow, wearing rainbow things and cuddling her rainbow cushion.

Ruby is a great buddy and she’ll always put a smile on my face 🙂

Bye for now!


One thought on “My Buddy

  1. Wow Lauren,
    I never knew that stuff about Ruby.
    I wonder if her dream job will come true?
    From Catriona
    (I like Elephants too) 😉

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