The school production


On Thursday the 29th of October was the school production called Beyond the Autumn Mist. It was about Puff the magic dragon exploring the lands of fairy tales. His friend Jackie Paper has left him and he wanted a place to belong. I got the part as Cinderella and many things went wrong with my costume.

I arrived at the theater and went around the back to the dressing room. I got into my Cinderella dress and did my hair. I went to sit up on the balcony with the rest of my class and school. The choir started singing Puff the Magic Dragon. I stood up to fix my dress but my foot was standing on it so when I stood it ripped with a shredding sound. I dashed over to the teacher and she sent me back down to the dressing room where another teacher fixed it. By the time it was my scene I was so nervous. I felt like I had a million butterflies in my tummy. My step sisters looked great, my step mother was ready to scream and I was more than ready.

I had an awesome time playing Cinderella

These are the scenes and songs

  1. opening scene-Choir-Song-Puff the Magic Dragon
  2. The three bears-The bear song-twist and shout-Prep K
  3. Snow white-Jitter Bug-Que Sera-Middle C
  4. The Little Mermaid-Under the sea-Mermaid-Junior B
  5. Rapunzel-Ring Ring-Shut up (Get up) and dance-Senior S
  6. Three little pigs-Who’s Afraid of the big bad wolf-Happy-Prep S
  7. Sleeping Beauty-This is what dreams are made of-Classic-Senior MY
  8. Aladdin-A whole new world-Magic Carpet-Junior KF
  9. Cinderella-Uptown Funk-Whose that girl-Senior G-(My scene)
  10. Little Red Riding hood-Hey there little Red-Bad-Middle V
  11. The Battle-Single Ladies-All Seniors
  12. The Finale (Surprise) Teachers-I’m a Believer.

I had an amazing night and is very tired today. I can’t wait for the DVD to come!


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