Natural Disasters

Recently there has been a sinkhole on an Algerian highway swallowing cars. This car eater has injured eleven people and measures 4 meters long, 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep.

A sinkhole is when ground collapses and there is suddenly a hole in the ground. This is usually caused by water erosion providing a path for water on the surface to disappear underground. There are two different types of sinkholes. first there is the cover-collapsed sinkhole which can collapse in a couple of hours. Then there is a cover-subsidence sinkhole which cracks slowly over a long period of time and eventually collapses, deflates or sinks.

In west Egypt, there was the largest sinkhole in the world. It measured 80 kilometers long, by 120 kilometers wide. Comparing this recent Algerian sinkhole to this previous Egyptian sinkhole, this natural disaster was quite little. I know recently there was a sinkhole in someones backyard near where I live. It wasn’t very big though.


The Woman In Heaven

Her eyes twinkled like the stars above,

She was as creative as an artist

And as graceful as a dove.

Her beauty is now in heaven,

But we will still see her shimmer

On the stars she lives, to leave her impression.

It rains when she cries for us,

The sun shines when she smiles

The wind blows, when she is blowing kisses to us

She may not be present

But talk to her all you like,

It will make her happy, and happiness is pleasant

Our Nan will never be replaced,

She may not be with us

But in our hearts she is placed.

He is more than Miracles

Christmas isn’t about the presents or shopping or treating yourself,

But treating Jesus, it’s his birthday.

The bible shouldn’t be on the bookshelf,

It belongs somewhere special where we can pray.

It contains all his miracles and miracles are special.

But underneath, the miracles is a genuine man.

Even if he wasn’t the son of god, he wouldn’t be superficial,

I bet, he would still help the ones in need, it would still be his plan.

Jesus is important, to us and all,

He looks after us and wouldn’t let us fall.

A field of Dandelions

People are like dandelions seeds,

some are easy to blow away

But the real friends stay.

Many have stayed with me,

Others get caught up in my face like a sticky spider web.

But the seeds that have stayed,

have grown into sunny yellow flowers.

Each one unique, you could watch them for hours.

In a field of Dandelions,

Is a field of families.

Their stories hiding beneath hair on their heads.

Some people have blown me away,

But I landed on another seed,

With all my unique flower friends

Week 4 of the blogging challenge

Dear readers,

As you might have noticed, I have a flag counter on my blog. I chose to have this type of widget because it seems quite easy to read and easy to put on your blog. Most people also have this widget but this isn’t like I want to be like everyone else.

On flag counter, when you create your flag you get to choose your background colour’s too, I do get quite annoyed when it only comes in one colour.

I know this is only a short post but I’ve run out of time.

What type of country counter do you have on your blog?


Alphabet of My holiday

I had an awesome holiday on the break between term 1 and term 2. My friends Catriona, Ava, Alex, Natalie, Jessica, Grace, Jenny and Jasmine all came over to my house to film a movie, I was the director. We all had an excellent time filming a movie we haven’t worked on for at least three years. Grace, Jenny and Jasmine were the mean girls in our movie. They wore cool dresses and fancy hairstyles. I played a character named Bridget who wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for Chloe, played by Alex. Ava played Zoe, the girl who spills the beans forcing Chloe to break away from her friends and  join the mean girls. Natalie, Catriona, Jessica and Ava keep telling Chloe that it was going to be a surprise party FOR her but Chloe just thinks the whole school was invited except her. Natalie plays a girl called Lizzy, short for Elizabeth. Lizzy is very merry and tried her best to stay positive at the tough times. Natalie did a great job playing Lizzy. Of course Chloe eventually came back to our group when she was kicked out of the mean girls group for saying they’re just as good as any other person. My puppy, Pixie, even had a little role. Jessica played a quiet girl named Ellie, but she still had some awesome resolutions to our problem. In the end we had a massive sleep over that the mean girls spied on. We also had a rainy day scene where Alex and I used umbrella’s but Catriona made us really wet by making it rain with the hose. When everyone went home, I edited the video’s and put them together in order according to the story line. We all had a blast and everyone had excellent acting skills. It was hard to argue and yell at your best friends, according to the script. My favorite scene was the sleep over scene where Natalie had a zebra onezie.

My Buddy

Today we had buddy time. When grade sixes (Like me) come and have an activity with their prep buddies. My buddy’s name is Ruby and she is so sweet. Ruby’s favorite animal is an elephant because they’re cute and enormous. She loves the color pink because it’s pretty like roses. She loves school because she can see all of her many new friends and play on the monkey bars. Ruby loves to eat pop corn while watching Power Rangers on Netflix. Her birthday’s on the 5th of October and last year she got a green bike for her birthday. Her favorite story book is “Brown bear, what do you see?” that she reads when she is bored. Ruby’s favorite number is 21 because she said she can only count to that number (So far) and her favorite letter is S because she likes the way it curves. Ruby’s favorite shape is a diamond that she creates with play-doh. At home, she likes playing with her rainbow play-doh and her pink kinetic sand.  Ruby likes playing the board game “The game of Life” with her mum, dad and two brothers. She loves Sherbet lollies and Magnums that she gets when she is good. I asked her what she wants to be wen she grows up and she took forever to answer, she eventually said that she wants be Barbie because she is in all of her favorite movies except Frozen. Speaking about the movie Frozen, her favorite character in the whole wide world is Olaf and loves singing and playing the song In Summer that he sings in the movie. Ruby loves eating raspberries and blueberries except when they’re sour. Ruby’s favorite thing in the whole world is rainbows. She loves watching rainbows, drawing rainbow, wearing rainbow things and cuddling her rainbow cushion.

Ruby is a great buddy and she’ll always put a smile on my face 🙂

Bye for now!



What is the last thing you do before you go bed?

Scientists believe that the artificial light from electronics is disturbing our sleep.There is a chemical in our brain called Melatonin that is released when it’s dark and that makes us sleepy but when we are on our electronics it is still light because it senses through our eyes and it doesn’t release so we could stay on our electronics all night if we wanted to with out getting so sleepy that you would fall asleep and it can break our sleep too. If we have a broken sleep for to long it can make us sick.

So how long do stay on electronics?

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is carried by mosquitoes but people only found it seventy years ago and yet it’s been around for ages. It was found in 1947 in the Zika forest in Uganda with a monkey that had caught it.The scientists did some investigating and found it could spread to people. The symptoms are a fever, rash, sore joints and an eye infection but people don’t even know they’ve caught it. It has spread across almost thirty countries but thank goodness Australia’s not one of them, it is actually least likely to spread to Australia. Scientists believe if pregnant woman get bitten it can deform their baby with a smaller head or smaller brain. So if it hasn’t killed anyone how dangerous can it be?